Possible ways to get a property

From Bristol Student Housing Co-operative

All housed student coops in the UK currently (2022) lease their houses with the intention of buying when they have raised enough funds for a deposit.

Find a house for sale and lease it from an organisation

  • Student Co-op Homes (SCH) aim to buy properties to lease to co-ops
  • Birmingham lease a 9 bed house from the phone coop (soon to be SCH)
  • Sheffield lease a 5 bed house from the phone coop (soon to be SCH)
  • SEASALT lease a 7 bed house from Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust

Lease or buy an existing housing association or council property

  • Edinburgh leases from Castle Rock Edinvar housing association
  • Think Savills might be the go-to estate agent for such properties?

Lease from UoB

  • Robert Kerse (outgoing chief operations officer at UoB, 2022) suggested leasing a house from the university or the university financially supporting the coop to convert an office building.

Buy a house with a loan and mortgage

  • Get a loan to fund a deposit for a mortgage
  • Might be quite tricky to get a mortgage ourselves?
  • Might be tricky to pay off loans with the target Affordable rent

Bristol SU Lettings

  • Apparently they have some landlords who want to sell off some properties.

Find an empty building and get help to buy and renovate

Property Guardianship

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