Affordable rent

From Bristol Student Housing Co-operative

We aim to set our yearly rent (inclusive of utility bills) to no more than half the maximum maintenance loan per person. For the 2023/24 academic year the maximum maintenance loan is £9,978 [1], and so we would aim to set the rent per person at:

  • £4,989 per year
  • £415.75 per month
  • £97 per week (approximate)

In comparison, the cheapest halls provided by the University of Bristol for the 2022/23 academic year are [2]:

  • £4,389 for 38 weeks - equivalent to £115.5 per week
  • £4,410 for 42 weeks - equivalent to £105 per week

And by UWE is [3]:

  • £4,578 for 42 weeks - equivalent to £109 per week (managed by an external private partner and located in Cheltenham)

Rent in Bristol's private sector is considerably more expensive, and rarely includes bills.

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