Affordable rent

From Bristol Student Housing Co-operative

We aim to set our yearly rent (inclusive of utility bills) to no more than half the maximum maintenance loan per person. For the 2024-25 academic year the maximum maintenance loan is £10,227 [1], and so we would aim to set the rent per person at:

  • £5,113.5 per year
  • £426.13 per month
  • £98.34 per week

This is still more than the maximum non-income assessed maintenance loan for 2024-25 of £4,767 [2], and also more than the Bristol Local Housing Allowance shared room rate of £90.10 per week [3].

In comparison, the cheapest halls provided by the University of Bristol for the 2023-24 academic year are both shared rooms [4]:

  • £3,990 for 38 weeks, or £105 per week (Manor Hall twin)
  • £4,410 for 42 weeks, or £105 per week (Hillside Woodside twin)

And by UWE are [5]:

  • £4,811.40 for 45 weeks, or £106.92 per week (Glenside super small, only one room available)
  • £4,923.90 for 45 weeks, or £109.42 per week (Glenside small)

Rent in Bristol's private sector is considerably more expensive, and rarely includes bills. The joint HEPI and Unipol 2023 report on Student accommodation costs across 10 cities in the UK gives the average annual rent for students in Bristol as £9,200.

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