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Bristol Student Housing Co-operative logo: the sun rising from behind the silhouetted roofs of houses

We are a housing co-operative with the aim of providing affordable, democratic housing for students in Bristol. The co-op was born out of the rent strikes at the University of Bristol in 2020-21, and has been through some ups and downs. Read our History for more details. Currently we are looking for a property and sources of finance.

We aim to have monthly General Meetings and frequent social events; to be kept up to date join our whatsapp group or mailing list (less frequent), or follow our Instagram. We also have a list of upcoming and past events. If you're interested please do come along or say hi on the group! To have a vote at our General Meetings, you need to be a signed up member of the co-op. It only costs £1 and gives you an equal share in the running of the co-op. You can sign up using this form.

We are a registered co-operative, and a member of Student Co-op Homes.

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