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Student Co-op Homes (SCH) is the UK federation of student housing co-ops. In 2020 it raised £300,000 through a community share offer and £75,000 in funding and donations. It has an agreement in principle with Ecology Building Society for mortgages.

SCH bought a house in Nottingham in 2022 but due to planning issues it was sold in February 2023. This should fund deposits for 2-3 other member co-ops.



Formed in 2014. Their 9 bed house is on lease from Mid-Counties Coop for 7 years. Rent set at £370 per month (not sure when).

Struggled to get community finance funding. The Phone Co-op (now part of Mid-Counties) liked the idea and offered to help. Also had help from Birmingham Co-operative Housing Services (doesn't exist any more?) and the Co-operative Enterprise Hub.

Three working groups: finance, outreach, and maintenance.


Registered in 2014, but active before that campaigning and speaking to students. Was supported by the Co-operative Enterprise Hub.

Their 106 bed property is leased from the housing association Castle Rock Edinvar (CRE), who previously leased it to Edinburgh Napier university for 20 years. At the end of the lease they approached the council with the property to find someone else to take it on and were directed to ESHC. Rent is set at £366 per month (2022, rises with inflation), and includes bills and general-use flat goods. They also require a £200 deposit. Tenancies can be termly.

ESHC lease at market rate from CRE, but negotiated to pay in arrears. Members had to pay £100 withdrawable share to raise money for inital costs, they got a £2000 grant from Scotmid Co-operative towards communal renovations and took out a £15,000 loan from Co-operative and Community Finance. Negotiated that Napier would leave furniture.

Horizontal governance aims to eliminate heirarchy. Everyone is expected to take on a role as part of one of seven working groups.


Based in Brighton, formed in 2018, moved into house in 2021. Interested in environmental sustainability. Their 7 bed house is on lease from Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust (BHCLT) for 7 years with automatic renewal. Rent was set at £455 per month (not sure when). No deposit or guarantor is required, and rent only increased with inflation.

The house was bought by BHCLT for £500,000, plus £15,000 stamp duty. BHCLT got a a £339,000 mortgage from Ecology Building Society, and covered the rest (plus the required renovations/improvements) with £332,600 raised by a comunity share offer [1].


Their 5 bed house is leased from Mid-Counties Coop (used to be the Phone Co-op). Rent was £69 per week in 2015.

Two tiered governance structure: each house is run by it's own coop, overseen by SSHC to allow organic growth.

Received support from:



Looks like they're just getting started? (2022)



No other information - do they still exist?


Formed in 2016. They don't have a house yet, but Scotmid Co-operative have agreed a loan to SCH towards the purchase of a property for GSHC [2]. Apparently they have almost weekly general meetings.

Inter-Campus Co-operative Notts

Inter-Campus Co-operative Notts (formerly known as Nottingham Student Housing Co-operative) is based in Nottingham.

SCH bought a house here, but due to planning issues it is being sold.


Not active?


Started in late 2019. Currently "meeting with architects and scoping out potential buildings". All members must either be a student or within 2 years of graduating

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